The Semantic and Social Media Adaptation and Personalization (SMAP) workshop is the evolution of the Semantic Media Adaptation and Personalization initiative, which was founded during the summer of 2006 in an effort to discuss the state of the art, recent advances and future perspectives for semantic media adaptation and personalization.

Broader scope

As social media applications have substantially transformed the way organizations, communities, and individuals interact, the scope of the workshop is now extended towards this new trend, seeking to bring together researchers from the social web as well as from the semantic web communities, under the umbrella of the media adaptation and personalization domain

International reference event

After nine successful workshops – in Athens, London, Prague, San Sebastian, Limassol, Vigo, Luxembourg, Bayonne and Corfu - the SMAP workshop series has consolidated as a reference event in order to discuss about the newest advances in the field.


As all workshops and conferences, we too have papers, sessions, presentations and the like. Still, most of the actual work takes place during the coffee breaks, lunches and social events. That's where we catch up on our news, share our thoughts and plans and explore possible future cooperations.

Character of SMAP

Those familiar with the SMAP initiative and workshops will find it easy to identify the features that express the actual heart of SMAP, features that you can certainly expect to find in SMAP 2015.

Firstly, the scope of SMAP is clearly well-defined and focused, as it is intended to be the annual meeting of the international semantic and social media adaptation and personalization community. The workshop entertains papers that fall solely within the same scope, and therefore cannot and should not be assigned to independent parallel sessions; thus SMAP will remain a single track workshop, offering participants the opportunity to attend every single presentation.

Secondly, the nature of SMAP is purely academic and there is no thought of financial profit for any of the organizing parties. In this manner conference fees are set so that the event marginally breaks even. Special care is taken for students attending the event and wishing to benefit from the discussions held in its scope.

Finally, although the SMAP community is very focused, it is also very open. If you find our topics interesting we will be glad to meet and welcome you.

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